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Finding the truth about China

Learn about my personal story and motivation behind Dragonfolio China to better understand an inevitable major shift on our planet in the 21st century.

View from a tea house near the Houhai (后海) Lake in Bejing

The chicken came before the egg

In my early days, I would never have thought to create anything similar to Dragonfolio China. There was a time where I was barely interested in other cultures, and strangers rather made me feel anxious than curious. I didn’t even feel comfortable to have an easy English conversation with foreigners, let alone to have exciting debates or exchange cultural knowledge with anyone.

All that changed abruptly with my decision to work in Singapore in 2012. I chose Singapore on purpose since I read that it was a melting pot of cultures, ethnic groups, and languages, and hence, it seemed like an ideal opportunity to break out and push my self-development.

Through this trigger pulse, my interest in foreign cultures and languages both grew strongly, and not long after dabbling in them, the Chinese one appealed to me the most. Ironically, it took me another four years before I eventually set foot on the soil of Mainland China for the first time. Working and studying in places such as Singapore and Taiwan certainly had provided some cultural foretaste, though.

China swept off my feet

When I finally arrived in China, I was immediately astonished by the dynamics of the country. Sure, you cannot compare Shanghai to a rural area in Inner Mongolia. Still, generally speaking, life in urban areas, the infrastructure, and the daily application of technologies did not only exceed my expectations, but outperformed all other benchmarks that I had seen before in North America, Europe, and Asia.

After additional four visits within less than one year and a lot of intensive research, I was convinced that China is so much more than the frequently quoted copy cat or just an over-populated country full of smog and large factories. It became apparent to me that China, without doubt, is on its way to becoming the new global superpower of the 21st century that changes our planet.

Apart from picking up Mandarin, I was striving for as much interesting and beneficial information about China as possible to understand the country better. This ambition led to the first reason why I created Dragonfolio China - a lack of valuable information.

Lack of valuable information

Scratching the surface of China is easy, but most information out there is useless and impractical. The worst thing is that due to poorly researched media reports, the information you find on most channels not only delivers no value in the majority of cases but also tends to be wrong or extremely biased.

Good news never travels.

I knew there must be a better way! Hence, I started to dig as deep as possible into China, researching all sources that I could find on Chinese culture, demographics, language, business, ecology, philosophy, history, technology, and economy. At the same time, I was forming my own opinion based on what I was experiencing in China first-hand as well as outside of the country. Beneficial for this undertaking was the admission to a scholarship program through which I also got to know the academic world of China, and for the first time, could call China home for some months.

Over time, the most valuable asset to truly understand China became the network that I built up in China, though. It consists of people that I met along the way and who, to this day, deliver more valuable input than anybody or anything else.

With this consolidated knowledge and network, I developed a profound and dynamic data pool that provides a one-of-a-kind, coherent, and clear picture of China. It covers all of the knowledge domains mentioned above as well as their interfaces. As I also became aware of the increasing curiosity and interest in China all over the world, I decided to establish a platform that shares all these insights with other folks who are interested in understanding what China is really about and how it affects their lives. This decision marked the birth of Dragonfolio China.

Where the music plays

And yet there was something else. Anyone who is familiar with the term financial intelligence and who wants to achieve long-term profitable asset generation for himself or a family would inevitably stumble over China sooner or later. Seeing China's impressive development on the spot caused quite a headache for me, however. I felt this pain because, despite all the tangible progress in this market, I couldn't find reliable ways to seize opportunities monetarily.

Although I had been quite successful with stock investments in the North American and European markets so far, the long-term prospects of China seemed even more promising. In Germany, we would say:

China is where the music plays! (Analogous translation: This is where it's at!)

I surely knew I wanted to be part of this concert.

However, the crucial question was, how and where can I buy a ticket?

Lack of ways to benefit

Thus, the second reason why I created Dragonfolio China is to offer a reliable and straightforward possibility to benefit from China’s rise by creating a transparent, high-performing, and secure concept that links logical comprehension about China with profitable exploitation of its economy.

Most of this concept is accessible at no charge as I want to provide this opportunity for everyone seriously interested.

Vision: Make everyone benefit from China's growth

When I started Dragonfolio China back in 2017, it merely consisted of a monthly newsletter. Later, through increasing demand and success, I slowly transformed Dragonfolio China into a multi-channel platform.

After quitting my previous full-time job to study in China, I was able to commit myself even more to my mission. Through the additional time, I can deliver further insights and value for my friends, followers, and subscribers addressing all their different needs. In the meantime, I have also been able to add some premium services for folks who want to get an ultimate deep-dive into both the true China and the secrets of investment.

If you want to learn more about China's potential, including amazing ways for you how to benefit personally, feel free to check out my different channels (list below) or drop me a message if you are curious. I am sure there is also an exciting option for you, so don't hesitate and join this fascinating journey through China that will astonish and reward you!

Stay curious,



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