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Make everyone benefit from China's growth

Dragonfolio China exists to provide a trusted investment and education platform for curious and ambitious people. I enjoy telling folks about the true China and help them to discover and exploit the great hidden opportunities of this country with equity (stock) investments.


Meet the founder of

Dragonfolio China

Hey everyone! Eric here. I am among the early pioneers when it comes to strategic value investing in China. Studying and working in Asia, Europe, and America, I early realized the enormous potential and great ideas that our world offers. However, a transparent and effective way to benefit from all these rapidly growing megatrends had been lacking until then – China being no exception.

While exploring China and the world, I started to learn from some of the best people in the field of economics and investment. Later, I combined their advice and expertise with my passion for culture and business and developed a powerful and robust investment strategy that helped many other people both in an educational and financial sense.

Right now, I am enjoying my second career path as an entrepreneur and professional investor. I do this because I love helping others in this area and share my success and knowledge.

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The roots of Dragonfolio China

In my early days, I would never have thought to create anything similar to Dragonfolio China. When I started Dragonfolio China back in 2017, it merely consisted of a monthly newsletter. Later, through increasing demand and positive feedback, I slowly transformed Dragonfolio China into a multi-channel platform.

But why did I actually start in the first place? After doing a lot of intense research about China and visiting the country plenty of times to shape my own opinion, there was one thing that always bugged me: Most information in media about China these days is outdated, negative, and biased.

What's more, since I am not just interested in one particular area such as culture or economy but everything related to China, I realized that there is no platform that provides a transparent full image and shows me how China really works including its impact on the rest of the globe. This issue led to the first reason why I created Dragonfolio China –
a lack of valuable information in regard to China.

The second reason why I created Dragonfolio China is to offer a reliable and straightforward possibility to benefit from China’s rise.

I do achieve this by delivering a transparent, high-performing, and secure concept that links logical comprehension about China with profitable exploitation of its economy.

A lot of this content is accessible at no charge since I want to provide this opportunity for everyone seriously interested. 


Dragonfolio China's vision and mission are derived straight from this target.


My vision and mission

I am proud to offer a 100% purpose-driven service for others. A mission, vision, and set of core values are essential to such an undertaking that is truly devoted to a cause greater than itself.

I am excited to share mine here as a commitment to you of my authenticity as well as a means of ensuring that my work is held accountable to these high standards.

My vision statement is my long-term objective of Dragonfolio China:

Make everyone benefit from China's growth

My mission statement is my road map of how to achieve my vision:

Deliver a trustworthy and beneficial concept so that people can understand the real China and are able to successfully exploit its economic and cultural potential.





If you want to learn more about the Dragonfolio China concept,

check out the Exploit section and get started with

exploring China's amazing potential!


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