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一 Why do you charge money for the premium package?


Apart from all the free content that I release (newsletter, social media, podcast, and blog), I charge a moderate price for my premium service. The premium package differs in terms of content, potential, and service depending on your personal needs and goals. People who follow Dragonfolio China since its start in 2017, have noticed, which effort is behind this project. As early as 2017, the entire undertaking was primarily a hobby, but after quitting my job in 2018, it became a full-fledged job, running in parallel to my own trading and investment activities.

Of course, these increasing activities also led to higher expenses: On the one hand, there are direct costs in the form of server costs, liability insurance, software licenses, accounting, annual accounts, tax advice, etc. And since this platform should continue to grow, it also needs support on the administrative side, so that I can continue doing what I do best: writing, speaking, explaining, and helping.

Much stronger than direct costs for me, however, are opportunity costs. During the time I work for you on this platform every day, I can neither accept consulting offers nor act directly on the market. 

Charging money for my premium service, in the end, also reflects my professionalism and high-value approach that distinguishes Dragonfolio China from other platforms. 

二 Why is the premium package so inexpensive?


From the very beginning, it was part of my mission to make as many people as possible understand China and benefit from it. This is why I give away a lot of valuable insides and tips at no costs and why I even price my premium package at a pretty reasonable level. With this, I can be sure that it is affordable for everyone. The one who believes that my current price is not fair shows that he/she is not seriously interested in the topic, which is absolutely legit, too.

三 Which package should I choose?

Obviously, there cannot be a generic answer to this question. If you need some sort of personal guidance and if you want to decrease your risk (through a higher degree of diversification) while still earning high profits, you might want to choose the premium package as it has the best opportunity-risk ratio in aggregate.


If you are already doing great with your current portfolio and simply look for some ideas and inspiration to spice up things, you might as well be fine with the free package that I offer.

For legal reasons, I cannot offer any type of investment consulting or advice. However, you can, of course, contact me and we can figure out what is the best product for you. This service is free regardless of your final decision.

四 What can you expect as a Hotpot premium member?

First of all, what you already know: amazing insights, unique chances, passion, and much more. Hotpot premium members can see extra premium content in the membership area. In addition, they have access to my two premium portfolios for more diversification and higher returns.

These portfolios require more explanation and monitoring for me but more fun for you in the long-run. In this package, I'm also investing more time in interaction with premium members and offer personal guidance within the framework of existing legislation including a very comprehensive welcome series.

As part of this package, I also offer extra chances in irregular intervals such as additional power trades, and last but not least, insights into my investment philosophy and strategy.

五 Is the service in the description of the premium packages guaranteed as a premium member?

In the legal sense, no. Since I do nearly everything in the scope of this platform myself, I am exposed to common risks such as illness and have no backup. I also have to go on business trips and training every now and then, and so, must be careful with my legally binding commitments.

Apart from that, I want to retain the flexibility to change and adapt the service according to your needs. Too much predetermination often is an impediment. 

For the paying premium memberships, I, therefore, guarantee that I will write or speak to you (including appropriate support) 50 weeks a year. If I am unable to provide this service over the year, you are entitled to a prorated reimbursement of your annual fee. 

六 Why can't I choose monthly payment?


Mainly due to the logistical effort. I still do pretty much everything in the scope of Dragonfolio China alone and don't want to minimize the time for my audience, subscribers, and members by taking care of booking processes, accounting, invoices, etc. The time I spend with administration and organizing is lost time that I can better use to create value.

七 Can I claim back my money if I am not satisfied?


No, my services are not expensive and everyone who followed me throughout the last years could earn profits that surpassed the costs of my services by far. I have enough confidence in my strategy and there is no signal that my success is going to fade away.


If you happen to be dissatisfied with my written or spoken content or if you have any serious complaints, however, I would take them very seriously though and would find a solution that makes both sides satisfied at the end.

八 Do I have a 14-day right of withdrawal in accordance with the EU consumer rights?

First of all, formally, from the point of view of the contract, you have a 14-day right of cancellation in accordance with the cancellation policyHowever, this right of withdrawal expires as soon as you have access to the digital content since your right of withdrawal expires with the activation (which can be equated to a download).

So before you register, please decide whether Dragonfolio China is the right service for you. If you have been following Dragonfolio China for a while, you probably know what to expect. If not, you can work through my comprehensive free content to get an impression. If that is not enough, please contact me in advance with your specific questions.

九 How can I pay?

The way I prefer is either by PayPal or by credit card, which is shown to you during the registration process for a premium membership.

十 How fast can you respond in case I need help or have questions?

Under normal circumstances, everyone who is trying to contact me is going to receive a reply within the next 24h. Premium members have the highest priority and can even get into personal contact me via phone or chat.

Due to unpredictable incidents such as sickness and unregular events, there is no time guarantee of course. Though no request is left unanswered and there will be no personal damage for everyone in case I cannot reply promptly.



一 How much money do I need when I want to get started with you?

My personal view is that anybody with savings of around 5,000 EUR / USD can make stock investments in some form. When I say savings I refer to money that you don't need within the next time for a living or as a security buffer. I know there are a lot of people that use lower numbers as well as way higher numbers. Personally, I don't think it really matters all that much. You have to get started eventually if you decide to become a successful long-term investor. Time and money are secondary here, it is the decision that counts.

Please keep in mind that you can follow Dragonfolio China and learn a lot without investing your own money. If you don't feel comfortable with it, don't invest your money. Get yourself familiar with the idea first or maybe you even realize that investment is simply not your cup of tea.

二 Are your investments risky?

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing. Not only do I exactly know what I am doing but I also have a very sound and long-term proven concept which is derived from best-practice approaches of some of the best guys in the industry.


Nevertheless, as always in life, nothing is 100% risk-free. Prices of stocks fluctuate and may move up or down in a way that you don't expect. Some investments are subject to foreign exchange risks and past performance does not guarantee future success. Though once you understand my investment concept, you are going to develop enough confidence in this long-term approach and you won't even care about the small risks along the way anymore.

三 Does Dragonfolio China take any responsibility or liability?

No, I am not a fund, trust, or asset manager. My content is not intended to be used as a customized recommendation to buy, hold, or sell stocks, or engage in any trading strategy. The information I publish is based on my opinions plus statistical and financial data and individual research. Although I make every effort to provide the most accurate and updated information possible, I cannot take over any guarantee for the correctness of the contained information or your personal financial success, and hence, are forced to reject any liability.

四 Do you buy and sell for me or manage my assets?

No, as already mentioned, I am not a personal asset manager or anything like that. Especially for legal reasons, I'm not supposed to purchase or sell stock on your behalf, although I receive such kinds of requests sometimes.


I am a publisher and purchase some of the stocks that I discuss with my own money. I clearly state what I buy and sell. It's up to you to decide if you want to follow my action and execute the trades.

五 Do I have to buy every single stock?

No, this is totally up to you. Though in this case, the performance of your portfolio might differ in results than what my portfolio is doing. I select my stocks using my own proven and tested system. Some people follow that very strictly, some only follow partly, and some are just observing. All of this is fine with me.

The amount that you invest can differ as well. After all, it’s about the system and its performance taking your personal financial situation into consideration. Keep in mind, however, that you should have a proper diversification across your overall portfolio to minimize risks.

Is it possible to get personalized investment advice from Dragonfolio China?

No, although I might answer general questions, no communication from me or Dragonfolio China should be deemed as personalized investment advice. I cannot take into consideration your personal finances and goals, and therefore, recommendations may only be made by a personal advisor or the broker you select.

七 Why do you use different currencies when showing stock tables and figures?

Typically, I show stock prices in both EUR and USD. I show prices in EUR because I am a European citizen and so most of my purchases are in EUR. As I said, I use my own money to invest and no historical fake data of foreign stock exchanges.

I also use the USD because it is the world's key currency, so everyone can easily relate to it. Besides, a lot of Chinese companies are listed on stock exchanges in New York which makes it easier to retrieve current data and I occasionally also trade in USD.

Currency deviations between EUR and USD are possible. This is why the performance in most tables deviates slightly depending on the historical foreign exchange development. However, these minor deviations do not really matter to a long-term investor.



一 What is Dragonfolio China exactly?

Dragonfolio China is a platform that provides unique insights into China and global megatrends with a focus on China, Asia, and emerging markets. I am showing the large potential on this planet by explaining economic, cultural, and demographic correlations and their influence on your life. With Dragonfolio China you can understand how our world is truly changing and how you can benefit from all the potential of this growth and positive development.

When I say benefit, I usually refer to stock investment. I personally, invest in Chinese, European, and American stock markets successfully for years and by transparently showing what and how I do this, I can make other people benefit too - both in a financial and educational way.

Dragonfolio is the generic term and brand name of my platform and homepage. My LinkedIn and podcast channels run under the name Dragonfolio China.

Dragonfolio China is my personal project. I am not funded by any organization, company, sponsor, or government. In case you are interested in learning more about my personal motivation behind the project, I suggest reading this blog post

二 How is your platform different from other investment formats?

In two ways: Firstly, there is no other platform that combines China and investment like me and the reason is simply that most people don't have enough expertise to do this.

Apart from my financial and business background, I have lived and studied in China, speak Mandarin fluently, and have a solid network there. This helps me to understand the culture, businesses, and people much better, which is the foundation to exploit China's economic and financial potential.

Most people are afraid of China because they need to rely on biased media and negative stereotypes. They never get in touch with the amazing side of the country and cannot benefit from all its power.

Most professional investors who spend lots of money on financial analysts and research, totally underestimate China or invest only in enterprises such as Alibaba and Tencent because this is what everyone does nowadays and it seems to make sense, therefore.

The second strength of Dragonfolio China is trust and authenticity. Just like most other successful investors, I have a strong track record and can prove my success in the long-run. What I do differently though is that I show it with full transparency and realistic scenarios.

You are not going to see me showing off my money or every single trade I make. I don't make wrong promises or present swanky results. Instead, I am very honest and straight: If you want to be successful in this field as I private investor, it is not difficult but it takes time, patience, and discipline.

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