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The 7 China off-limits topics of Dragonfolio

Get to know seven topics that are not part of the Dragonfolio scope and understand why I don't mention them

一 No politics

The number one rule of Dragonfolio is and will always be “no politics”. With that I don’t mean that I deny that politics are important. In fact, until recently I refused to believe that politics is so relevant thinking that most of the power lies in the hand of businesses.

This conviction hasn’t really changed at the end. As we see especially in Europe and America, politicians are puppets of the big companies. However, politics is certainly crucial it sets the frame for well-functioning economies. If this healthy base for an entrepreneur and trade-friendly environment is missing, sustainable economic growth is unattainable.

So then, why don’t I talk about it? Firstly, because I’m personally absolutely not interested in this topic. Secondly, media is full of politics already. I don’t see myself adding any value in this field and I am far away from being an expert in politics. My focus is on Chinese economy, culture, life, and a lot more. That is the area where you can benefit the most from Dragonfolio.

二 No guessing game

There also happen to be a couple of topics I can’t talk about simply because I straightly admit that I do not have proper insights. Whenever my audience asks me to discuss a particular topic, I’m eager to do it. However, there are simply a few topics where even my insights are not deep enough.

The issue is that if I only have to rely on other sources and are not able to see it for myself, I don’t feel comfortable writing about it. An example would be the treatment of the minority ethnic group Uyghurs in the Chinese province Xinjiang.

There is one primary responsibility that I have towards my followers, and that is to deliver content that is verified and where I can be very sure it is legitimate and valid. You never have a 100% probability that things are exactly as you perceive them, but just copying things or guessing which information is correct is not acceptable to my mind.

三 No brainwash

As you can tell from all my content, I am definitely speaking out my mind and thoughts about China and the rest of the world if necessary. If I did not summarize aspects and try to express what they mean, including judging and evaluating possible consequences, then this platform would be both boring and little beneficial for you.

However, while I present my view on things, I never mean to market my opinion in a way that should imprint my values and philosophy on you. My goal is to give you a true and realistic picture of China. Yet, you should be the one after all who shapes his own opinion and not following my convictions blindly.

四 No China love affair

Another point which I want to emphasize is that Dragonfolio has not been created to whitewash China in any way or to convince you to like China. To my mind, having an opinion about China is not a one or zero judgement, where you either love it or hate it. There is lots of space in between.

Besides, this platform can only survive if people keep critically using their brains.

It is not too difficult to tell that overall, I have a very positive attitude towards China, but it does not mean that I don’t question certain developments or information.

Like any other country, there are negative aspects which need to be discussed, but generally speaking, it is also kind of a life attitude whether people are always complaining and looking for the negative side or whether they see the positive things especially when they truly exist and clearly outweigh the other side.

五 No investment advisor

You can find this disclaimer on every document and article which I publish, but sometimes I need to mention it again though: Dragonfolio is not an investment advisor or guide; neither is it meant to persuade or force people to invest in China. As part of my newsletter, I mention simple opportunities of how to benefit from China’s rise in the long-term and by following my observations, some of my readers have been quite successful already.

Though I dare to say that the great thing with Dragonfolio is that it is not necessary to care about investments at all. The focus is on my content and stories. Whether you consider exploiting China's promising upside potential is a decision you have to make for yourself. Furthermore, Dragonfolio is never promising any returns or taking responsibility for any action you take in this regard.

六 No claim for ultimate wisdom

All the information and stories that I share are based on intense research or my own findings. This also means that all my content is exposed to the risk of wrong information, and of course, influenced by my own opinion and subjective evaluation. Other people might have a different understanding or definition or certain things, and therefore, do not agree.

Whether something is right or wrong is often defined by the number of people that agree or disagree with something not by logical means. Also, the question of right or wrong is nothing I want to discuss from a religious, philosophical, or moral point of view, but use my basic perception to judge without claiming that I have found the ultimate wisdom or that all my opinions are is true.

七 No selection bias

In the end, we all must never forget to challenge our beliefs constantly. It is good to have a strong personality with firm believes but changing your mind because you found out something is different from what it had appeared in the first place is anything but a sign of weakness. If I had stuck to my beliefs all my life, I’d not be where I am right now and would not have so much freedom to do what I want.

This is why I am never going to stop learning, reading, exploring, and scrutinizing things about China to be sure I get the most realistic picture and not just keep one firm image that fits to my view of the world. Because one lesson that life has taught me is that the only thing you can take for sure is that nothing is certain.

Do you think my off-limits principles make sense or do you find them too restrictive? If so, let me know in the comments below.

In any case, don't forget to follow me for interesting China stories and sign up to my free newsletter, which will take you on a fascinating journey that will astonish and reward you!

Stay curious,



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